your family milestones + memories are my priority!

I am such a family person. personally, my sister, mom, and I are considered my best friends. I cherish my family and believe that there is no bond greater. it is such a special connection. getting to capture your family is such an honor, because I truly understand the importance of family, and value those relationships.

Capturing the real-life beauty of family is the most exciting thing as a photographer!! When it comes to family photos, I value candid, real, raw footage that encapsulates realism.

I LOVE capturing the giggles, kisses, tickles, and hugs, as they bring emotion into my photos. I do understand that most people like the posed, styled look, but I love combining the two to create a balanced gallery. After all, why be so serious?!

Cameras are intimidating to some. I totally get it!! (I am better behind the camera, to be honest) A lot of people freeze up during family sessions and solo sessions and get super nervous, but it is nothing to be afraid of! Being real during your session is what is a game-changer in the photos you receive in your gallery. I will guide you as far as positioning and be sure your Apple watch is off and your sunglasses aren't on your head- but in the meantime, loosen up + be yourself!